Botella treurer
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...I like everything but above all olive trees, as their branches symbolise peace and their golden oil brings joy. (Aldous Huxley).

Medium fruitiness, a touch of bitterness, moderately piquant.. in short, a balanced flavoured oil. This sublime liquid is noted for its fragrance and incredible flavour which reminds us of almonds, hazelnuts and fennel.

It is recognised as an oil of superior quality obtained directly from arbequin olives using modern techniques to ensure that the oil is as pure as possible. The oil is not filtered.

The best container for the best contents.

The dark glass of the bottle filters out UV light and avoids oxidation of the special contents and loss of aroma. It has good stability and its height and shape allow for easy storage.

The revolutionary anti-drip top makes it easy to regulate the flow of the oil and is not found in many commercially available oil.

It is also impossible to refill the bottle so that our bottles can never be re-used for other, perhaps lesser quality oils.

Denomination of Origin Oli de Mallorca

Only a few privileged oils are recognised by the prestigious denomination of origin "Oli de Mallorca". Ours is one of them - and you will see this logo on our bottles and literature as a reminder of the prestige and quality of our oil.