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The olive and its origin

As you might already know olive is the fruit of a small evergreen tree. Oil is extracted from the fleshy cover of the seed, that tasty product that we like so much and that makes life easier for us.

Obviously, the type of olive has a decisive influence on the organoleptic properties (taste, texture, smell, colour) of the oil obtained.

Olive varieties

There are hundreds of olive fruit varieties, which depend on their geographical origin.

Although there are dozens of varieties, in Spain the most common are Picual, Arbequina, Cornicabra and Hojiblanca, while in Italy you will find Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and Coratina types, in Portugal Galega and Negrina and in Greece Koroneiki, Adramitini, Kolovi and Mastoidis.

In Mallorca, the typical olive fruit varieties are Majorcan, Picual and Arbequina.



It is a typical tree variety of western Mediterranean, which name has its origin in Arbeca (a town in Lleida). Its small fruit has an intense and fruity flavour and produces an extraordinary oil with hints of almond, tomato, green apple and banana. It must be carefully stored, as it has a faster oxidation process than other varieties. Due to its exceptional features, this is the variety chosen by Treurer, a 100% Arbequina extra virgin olive oil that is characterized by a perfect balance of fruity, sweet, bitter and spicy flavour.



It is the most widely spread variety in Spain, which owes its name to the beak shape of the fruit. It is a strong and resistant olive with high production. This olive produces an oil with a high total fat index, and stands out for its very intense, spicy and bitter smell and taste.



Majorcan olives are typical of Sierra de Tramuntana, which are used both to the consumption of macerated olives fruits and to the production of olive oil. The main feature of the Mallorcan variety oil is its sweetness or smoothness.

Refined olive oil, virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil

From lowest to highest, they are the olive oil qualities.

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Refined olive oil

Refined olive oil comes from lampante oil, which was formerly used to burn in oil cans or oil lamps, and must be subjected to physical and chemical processes (refined) for human consumption, since its features make it a non-marketable product.

Oils that do not meet the virgin oil parameters (acidity and tasting score) are those that undergo a refining process, which although is harmless from a sanitary point of view, it causes organoleptic properties and health benefits to be lost.

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Virgin olive oil

It is the oil extracted by mechanical means (centrifugation).

Its acidity should not exceed 2 degrees. Second, this oil must score less than 2.5 on defects in its tasting.

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Extra virgin olive oil

As in the case of virgin olive oil, oil extracted exclusively by mechanical means (centrifugation).

In this case, its acidity should not exceed 0.8 degrees. Second, this oil must score zero on defects in its tasting.

Extra virgin olive oil quality

Mallorca oil

In Mallorca the olive tree presence is ancient. These trees, imported by Phoenicians and Greeks
from the Eastern Mediterranean, adapted perfectly to our land and, over time, they developed in new varieties different from the original ones.

Mallorca olive oil has been exported since time immemorial. Well-loved for its features, which come from the island’s insularity as well as its orography and climatology, this oil has been food for peasants and noblemen, accompanying any dish and delighting palates, whether it was soaking a simple slice of bread, or as part of the most complex recipes of traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

The ecological and environmental value of Mallorca olive groves

Olive grove is an active part of Mallorca’s landscape conservation.

Anyone who strolls among the Mallorcan olive trees could see from rabbits to hares, hedgehogs, common bats, moles, common-faced dormouses, ferrets, genets, robins, sparrows, owls and small owls, starlings, thrushes, kites, turtle doves, partridges and pigeons, goldfinches, hawks and a longer list of birds, mammals, insects and reptiles.

Our farm. Our family. Our history.

In a place where family means everything, Joan Miralles followed a dream after which his closest relatives aligned too –turning an old property into a sustainable olive grove which was also integrated into the landscape and ancestral Mallorcan culture. In an age of technology and ethereal services, Joan wanted to undertake a tangible project, generating a product that would provide health, well-being and joyful moments.

Treurer in your house

Extra virgin olive oil box of 6 Bottles

Box of 6 bottles of Treurer extra virgin olive oil

Box of 6 units. 500ml.
Treurer extra virgin olive oil is an oil from the Arbequina variety of olives, balanced, with moderate fruity, slightly spicy as well as bitter.
We want you to stay young and healthy. That is why we offer you a € 20 shipping per order, regardless the amount of boxes and their destination (only applicable in Europe). For shipments to the USA the cost will be 110€ also regardless of the number of boxes purchased. If the delivery is made in Spain, this cost will be € 10.

Extra virgin olive oil, the medicine food

We want you younger and healthier
Extra virgin olive oil has countless benefits for people's health that make it almost a preventive medicine. It prevents the appearance of cholesterol, diabetes, Alzheimer's and cancer, and helps in digestion and favours the strengthening of our bones, among other benefits.
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An oil for a chef, a chef for an oil

This is how we take part in the most honest cuisine
Extra virgin olive oil, an almost universal ingredient for your dishes, should have a special place in your kitchen. Our oil will be an excellent reason to differentiate your kitchen in a positive way.
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Do you want to distribute our olive oil?

Bring your customers a healthier and tastier flavour
We know you take care of every detail in your business, hence you carefully choose all the products you offer your customers. So, why don’t you get to know us better? We are sure we’ll become your extra virgin olive oil of choice.
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A unique place for your event

An innovative and unforgettable experience
When it comes to events, sometimes it’s not so easy to think out of the box and surprise your customers. For that reason, our farm becomes the perfect location to discover the soul of inland Mallorca. Far from artificial experiences, your customers will get to experience the authentic Mediterranean lifestyle.
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Discover the secrets that an olive grove holds

Visit our farm and get to know the best of olive oil
If you want to know Mallorca beyond its coastline, entering its interior landscape, its culture and its traditions, visit our farm and live a unique experience. If you have already tried our olive oil and would like to know its secrets, we’ll be more than happy to welcome and tell you all about it. If your children believe that oil is something that grows in a bottle, and you think it’s time for them to know the value of farm work, here we’ll teach them the culture of effort.
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Olive oil culture

Extra virgin olive oil is a symbol of our lifestyle expressing wealth, tranquillity and good times. A day to day ingredient in our cuisine that has proven its value and which we long when we don’t have it within our reach.

Treurer boutique hotel

We love to work on new possibilities. And although we are getting the best out of this land and sharing it with you, we also love that you are able to visit and share a beautiful experience with us. For that reason, we are designing a small hotel establishment so that you can fully enjoy a complete stay in this land.