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Olive oil, a key ingredient in many world-wide dishes, must surely have a special place in your cuisine. But why don’t you master your recipes by using our extra virgin olive oil?

We classify Treure’s oil as the “best supporting ingredient” of any dish since, due to its chemical and organoleptic features, it contributes to enhance the main products’ qualities which are used in your recipes.

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Did you know that olive oil is an incredible ingredient that can be transformed into powder?

Or that you can include a fabulous extra virgin olive oil sorbet in your gastronomic elaborations that will break up the dish visually, mixing textures and temperatures?

Can you imagine how all of these techniques will enhance your dishes?

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Gourmet recipe of trampó with octopus and powdered extra virgin olive oil

José Cortés, Chef

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Which are the advantages of using our olive oil?

We are a small business and, for that reason, our beloved extra virgin olive oil is an exclusive and special product that will be difficult to find in restaurants.

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