Extra virgin olive oil as a natural laxative

Among the many health benefits known of extra virgin olive oil, one of them is that it helps regulate intestinal transit, that is, it acts as a natural laxative with multiple positive effects on the health of many people, including children who have problems when it comes to digestion.

Besides, one of the reasons why many decide to try the Mediterranean diet and, specifically, replace unhealthy fats with extra virgin olive oil is precisely because they want to improve their general health, or to counteract side effects such as constipation, when they take medicines to treat other ailments.


How to improve intestinal transit with extra virgin olive oil:

  1. Benefits of olive oil for constipation.
    1. Improves the digestion process.
    2. Acts as a natural protector.
    3. Regulates the balance of the microbiota.
    4. Helps soften stool.
    5. Reduces intestinal inflammation.
  2. Home remedies to improve intestinal transit.
    1. Taking a tablespoon before bedtime or on an empty stomach.
    2. Taking an orange and a tablespoon of this oil.
    3. Massaging the abdominal area in babies and children.


1. Benefits of olive oil for constipation.

Extra virgin olive oil acts as a mild natural laxative, with excellent benefits for those with mild intestinal transit problems and who suffer from constipation. Thanks to its many healthy properties, EVOO:

1.1. Improves the digestion process.

The nutrients present in extra virgin olive oil, such as vitamins A, E and K, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, along with minerals such as iron and other antioxidants, are excellent in helping to improve the process of absorption of ingested nutrients. That is why extra virgin olive oil makes it possible to maintain regular intestinal transit and also reduce gastric acidity, especially among those who abuse very copious meals.

1.2. Acts as a natural protector.

Extra virgin olive oil has a lubricating effect. This manages to cover the walls of the intestine so that food moves more easily, favoring not only absorption, but also better transit so that abdominal pain does not occur during digestion.

1.3. Regulates the balance of the microbiota.

It has also been shown that extra virgin olive oil can help improve and enhance the balance of the intestinal microbiota, providing a greater biodiversity of bacteria that help in the digestion process and that are essential for those people who, for example, suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.

1.4. Helps soften stool.

Another of the qualities of extra virgin olive oil as a key ingredient in the Mediterranean diet is that it softens the stool, so that bowel movements are not painful or complicated.

1.5. Reduces intestinal inflammation.

Liquid gold is a product that favors the relaxation of the intestine, thus preventing it from becoming inflamed and irritated. In addition, the anti-inflammatory properties of extra virgin olive oil also help calm problems such as gastritis and stomach ulcers.

2. Home remedies to improve intestinal transit.

Thus, among the different health benefits that there are thanks to the consumption of extra virgin olive oil within the Mediterranean diet, we find that it intervenes as an active ingredient in the digestive functions of the body, helping the absorption of nutrients from childhood.

But for those who have never tried the Mediterranean diet or are just starting out, its benefits, and particularly the one we’ve been talking about, may take a while to show. To speed up the process, there are some home remedies for adults and children that can be applied to improve constipation.

2.1. Taking a tablespoon before bedtime or on an empty stomach.

Among the many reasons to take extra virgin olive oil on an empty stomach, is to combat constipation. This is one of the most popular home remedies, which involves taking a tablespoon of this oil on an empty stomach. Many also include a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice and take it as soon as they wake up, or just before going to sleep.

On the other hand, it’s important to remember that this remedy would have no effect on a diet poor in fiber foods, in which not enough water is ingested, or in which vegetables and fruits are not included, which leads us to the next remedy.

2.2. Taking an orange and a tablespoon of this oil.

Another way to improve intestinal transit is through the consumption of fruit. Orange, for example, is rich in fiber and vitamin C that helps regulate intestinal transit and dissolve accumulated waste. However, drinking orange juice, although delicious, would not help completely eliminate the problem.

Our recommendation is that you eat the whole fruit and complement it with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil for breakfast. Yes, both foods marry perfectly and will help relieve constipation and its associated symptoms, especially among those who skip breakfast or resort to processed products that do not help digestion.

2.3. Massaging the abdominal area in babies and children.

Fat, especially healthy fat like extra virgin olive oil, is essential for child development. In fact, according to the recommendations of pediatric associations, it can begin to be included with other foods from 2 years of age, so that children benefit from all the healthy properties of this oil.

However, there are still babies and children who suffer from constipation and you should know that you can also perform an abdominal massage with olive oil to help stimulate bowel movements and relieve the pain they suffer. Of course, it is key that these massages are carried out about 3 hours after the last meal, always with movements in a clockwise direction.

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