What is the Mediterranean diet?

mediterranean diet

About the Mediterranean diet plenty has been said. Most likely you’ve listened someone talking about its health benefits, its nutritional value and, specially, how important it is for the culture and gastronomy of the Mediterranean countries. However, you might still not be able to see its fully potential or, simply, you’re not into the ‘diet’ […]

Differences between olive pomace and extra virgin olive oil

Differences between olive pomace and extra virgin olive oil

As you may already know, olive is a very versatile product. In fact, there are many varieties of this food that give rise to exquisite culinary products. First of all, we can eat the fruit, carefully seasoned and prepared. In fact, a part from those many delicious flavours we see in markets, many families have […]

When to use an squalene or an olive oil cream?

Olive oil cream

In cosmetics, especially those based on more natural products, we can find a wide range of vegetable oils and butters that have proven to be great moisturizers for the skin. These protect the epidermal barrier from external agents and guarantee a softer and smoother skin texture. Specifically, olive oil and plant-based squalene are two ingredients […]

Calories in extra virgin olive oil

Calories of Olive Oil

There are many people concerned about their weight who wish to know how many calories we can find in extra virgin olive oil, and which is the right portion to consume on a daily basis for good health.

How long does olive oil last?

Bottle optimized to Extend Oil Shelf Life

How long does olive oil last? Olive oil is not an ‘everlasting’ product. When this product is preserved in suitable conditions, we can extend its shelf life.