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Are you a gourmet store owner, commercial manager or distributor? Do your customers value the quality of products made with passion by small businesses? Then you are in the right place. Let’s talk!

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What are the advantages of using our oil?

Our small production, together with the our oil quality, make Treurer a differentiated product from the commercial ones. This makes our extra virgin olive oil perfect for gourmet products distributors, and it is also an excellent accompaniment to other exclusive products, made by small producers.

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Patricia Colmenares, manager


Extra Virgin Oil distribution

What do we do to help our distributors?

The support we provide to our distributors includes:

Offering extra virgin olive oil

Planning of oil deliveries throughout the year, storing the oil purchased and ensuring product availability at all times.

Plan the olive harvest

Preparing of unique explanatory elements which include all about the origin and care that we provide to our olives and final product.

Offering extra virgin olive oil

Conducting talks and online training to transmit our knowledge about olive oil culture.