The environmental value of our olive groves

Olive grove biodiversity

With no doubt, an olive grove is a landscape full of life both animal and plant. 165 types of birds inhabit its interior, representing 25% of the catalogued species in Spain. A total of 120 insects and 550 herbaceous species share habitat with the olive trees. All these figures are determined by the study carried out by WWF,
who defends a sustainable and ecological olive grove.


All of us are concerned about the amount of CO2 emissions that our day-to-day life implies. There are many of us who practice responsible consumption, evaluating the impact of our daily life on the environment.

As could only be expected, we also pay special attention to the entire production process of our olive oil. El The International Olive Council revealed at the Marrakech Climate Summit that the production process of one oil’s kilo in a medium olive grove produces 1.5 kg. of CO2. However, the amount photosynthesised by the trees in the olive grove producing this oil is 11.5 kg. CO2 per kilo of oil produced. This yields a positive balance of 10 kg. of CO2 per kilo of oil obtained.

The meaning of an olive grove is the oil production. Without this economic reason, these crops cease to make sense and would become scrubland or forest. For this reason, we can firmly affirm that oil production is an activity that has a positive impact on reducing greenhouse gases.

The life cycle of one kilo of olive oil, from when it is produced to when it is consumed, generates an average of 1.5 kg. of CO2.

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Furthermore, the IOC also recalls that carbon fixation results in the land’s capacity to store water, thus it also helps to combat desertification that threatens large Mediterranean areas.

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virgin extra olive oil quality

The olive grove absorbs 11.5 kg. of CO2 for each kilo of oil produced.

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Even more so in Spain, which has more than 2.5 million hectares of olive groves out of the 5.5 million hectares in the European Union.

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The production of 1 kg of oil causes the emission of 1.5 kg of CO2.

However, for each kilo of oil produced, 11.5 kg of CO2 are absorbed.

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Water resources

On the other hand, carbon fixation results in water retention capacity, something that helps prevent desertification in the Mediterranean, where the largest extensions of olive groves are located.

Fransisco Serafini, former general secretary of the International Olive Council (IOC), highlighted in 2016 that “the olive grove contributes to slowing down desertification and erosion in the areas where it’s established and also allows maintaining the population in rural areas”.

Our olive grove follows the best practices of an integrated agriculture.