How Premium extra virgin olive oil is made: From the plantation to the packaging.

The producers of extra virgin olive oil who are committed to making an effort and investing in technology with the aim of producing an oil of the highest quality, have benefited in recent years thanks to the great advances both in research in cultivation and elaboration, as in the advances in the machinery used.

Treurer, faithful to his principles, is subjected to this current and pays special attention to all the steps to achieve his goal.

1. Harvest and collection of the olive.

Extra virgin olive oil is an olive juice since it is obtained by purely mechanical procedures. If we want to produce an high quality olive oil, it is essential to obtain a high quality fruit, and for this reason it is necessary to take into account different factors such as the geographical area where it is planted, the composition of the soil, the weather conditions, and the framework of planting ensuring that the trees have enough space between them to get everything they need such as sun, water, air and space to develop their root system.

Mallorca stands out for being a geographical area that, both due to the composition of its soil and the weather conditions, meets all the requirements for planting olive groves. At Treurer we know this and we have taken advantage of all this, also planting our trees with a system that is far removed from an intensive cultivation, where the trees suffer from certain deficiencies and are exposed to diseases.

Another very important aspect to take into account in order to make a premium EVOO is the time of the harvest. Generally, the early harvest of the fruit, between the months October and November, when the olives are in veraison, that is, when they begin to change their color, generate an extra virgin olive oil of higher quality, which preserves better its organoleptic and beneficial properties for health, as for example the polyphenols and since it is a fresh product it is rich in vitamins.

During the harvesting process, it is essential to avoid picking up the olives that fall to the ground, since the soil can transmit defects to the oil, such as an earthy taste, among others. Harvesting can be carried out in different ways, the most common is shaking or mechanical vibration.

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At Treurer we use mechanical vibration, a process in which machinery vibrates the trunk of the olive tree. This system is respectful for the tree and allows us to harvest the olives in about half the time. This aspect is very important since it helps us not to extend the harvest beyond the month of November, being able to collect a green fruit and at its optimal point of maturation. It must be taken into account that an early harvest places quality before production, since in this type of harvest the yield in obtaining oil is usually a maximum of 15%, while in a late harvest the yield can reach 25%.

To guarantee that the olive maintains its quality, the harvesting cannot continue when the ambient temperature exceeds 25ºC degrees, since when the olive reaches that temperature it begins to lose properties due to different chemical reactions. To avoid the deterioration of the olive due to oxidation or fermentation, it is essential that no more than 24 hours pass between the collection and the production of the olive oil. At Treurer we achieve this because we have our own oil mill and the time between the collection of the olive, the arrival at the mill and the process of extracting the oil, including destemming and cleaning the olive, is not more than two hours.

2. Cold extraction process.

The fruit of the olive tree goes through a production process in which, to achieve an olive juice with the best quality, a system known as cold extraction is used. This system consists of the use of a series of modern machines that work with a centrifugation system in two phases, after the olives have been crushed, through which the oil of the fruit is released and a paste is obtained. Throughout this process, the temperature of the olive and the pasta is kept under control, preventing it from exceeding 27ºC degrees. In our case, not higher than 23ºC

Then, the paste goes through a centrifugation process, which consists of separating the remains of skin and bone; and the remains of water from the oil. Finally, and to eliminate any particles of solid matter that could cause fermentation in the future, the oil undergoes a filtration process, leaving only the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.

Once the production process has finished, the oil is stored in stainless steel tanks to preserve it from light and sudden temperature changes, and it is kept at an optimal temperature for conservation. At Treurer we maintain the ambient temperature at around 15ºC and we also keep the olive oil inside the tanks in an inert environment, substituting oxygen for nitrogen, thus avoiding the oxidation of our olive oil.

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The olive oil can only be called extra virgin olive oil, if it passes two very strict controls: a chemical analysis, as the oil has to fulfil certain parameters in terms of acidity, peroxides and other components; and a second control that consists of tasting the oil by a panel of experts who seek that the oil has certain aromas and tastes, and does not have any defects such as aromas of earth, humidity, rancidity, etc.

3. Packaging of the final product.

Once the olive oil has been qualified as extra virgin olive oil, it can be bottled. Once again, at Treurer we search for the best way to carry out the processes, and in this case, we only bottle the olive oil when we receive orders and keep the rest of the oil in the tanks in a perfect state of conservation.

For the bottling we use opaque glass bottles that prevent degradation and oxidation of the olive oil by avoiding contact with the light.

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