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In Mallorca the olive tree presence is ancient. These trees, imported by Phoenicians and Greeks from the Eastern Mediterranean, adapted perfectly to our land and, over time, they developed in new varieties different from the original ones.

Mallorca olive oil has been exported since time immemorial. Well-loved for its features, which come from the island’s insularity as well as its orography and climatology, this oil has been food for peasants and noblemen, accompanying any dish and delighting palates, whether it was soaking a simple slice of bread, or as part of the most complex recipes of traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

Features that make Mallorca’s olive oil one of a kind

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Soil composition

The calcareous origin with clay substrate of the soil gives the olive tree fruit its unique organoleptic properties.

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The temperate climate in Mallorca, with mild winters and hot summers, plus annually rainfall of 570mm, mostly concentrated in spring and especially in autumn, and a high humidity are the main factors to keep the product consistent year after year.

Production of extra virgin olive oil in Mallorca

Due to the geographical, orographic and climatological characteristics of the island, as well as the olive trees age, Mallorca has a limited production, which favours the selection of varieties for the production of a high quality oil.

The production of olive oil in Mallorca, a product exported in ancient times to North Africa and France, had a strong growth during the 16th century, which meant an important change for local economy in the upcoming centuries.

Olive varieties

Three varieties are grown on the island: Majorcan, Picual and Arbequina.

Olive tree

Olive fruit

Olive oil


Great wingspan.

It is grafted onto the wild olive tree trunk.

Fusiform and slightly asymmetric.

Early ripening.

Mildly fruity and sweet.


Adaptable to different climates and soils.

High productivity.

Fusiform and slightly asymmetric.

Weight between 3-3.5 g.

Stable oil, with notable spiciness and bitterness.


Average size.

Oval and small (1.8-2.2 g).

Late ripening.

Balanced oil, fresh fruity.

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Oil from Mallorca appellation origin seal

Designation of origin

Mallorca olive oil is bonded to the environment where it’s produced. There is no place where a similar oil is produced apart from this area of designation of origin, name given in 2002 in accordance with European Union regulations.

The “Oli de Mallorca” designation of origin seal is the consumer’s quality guarantee of this unique product. This guarantee seal, which is found on each container, allows you to check the olive oil origin and traceability.