Articles about extra virging olive oil

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Olive oil culture

Extra virgin olive oil is much more than an ingredient in the Mediterranean cuisine. Along with wine and bread, oil becomes the trio that will be present on top of any table that gathers family, friends or co-workers together.

Therefore, olive oil is a symbol of our lifestyle expressing wealth, tranquillity and good times. A day to day ingredient in our cuisine that has proven its value and which we long when we don’t have it within our reach.

Montuiri, Mallorca

Montuiri, the quiet Mallorca

The second article about the villages of the Pla de Mallorca is dedicated to Montuiri as it is one of the main neighboring villages of Algaida.

Baile de los Cossiers de Algaida

The Cossiers of Mallorca

There are six Cossiers who, during the dance, wrap the lady in a Quadrat (Square), as a representation of protection, while the demon provokes the public.

Sobrasada mallorquina en Mercados de Mallorca

Markets of Pla de Mallorca

The markets of Mallorca are one of the biggest attractions for those who visit our villages, as they are able to acquire traditional agricultural products.