Why is it beneficial for your health to include extra virgin olive oil in your diet ?

To include virgin olive oil in a balanced way in your diet can help to prevent diseases, to feel satiated and also provides the energy your body needs.  Many studies prove its health benefits, which we summarize below.

  1. It is a source of vitamin E and polyphenols that, together with fatty acids, have a great antioxidant effect, thus it prevents aging.
  2. In addition, oleic acid and antioxidants help to prevent the appearance of cancer cells.
  3. The same antioxidants improve the immune response, as well as prevent oxidative stress (especially useful for athletes).
  4. It also contains healthy components such as hydroxytyrosol or oleocanthal, which, for example, acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.
  5. Its consumption helps regulate the production of pancreatic insulin, control blood glucose levels, very beneficial in patients with diabetes.
  6. Substituting another type of saturated fat with this olive oil allows you to reduce bad cholesterol levels (LDL). For this same reason, it is a food that favors the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and arteriosclerosis.
  7. It intervenes in an active way in the digestive functions of the organism, helping in the absorption of nutrients and calcium, even from childhood.
  8. The composition of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats of extra virgin olive oil is more resistant to high temperatures, so when using it for frying, the chains that form it do not break, preventing the oil from entering the food, which could make it fattier and difficult to digest, as well as less tasty.
  9. Extra virgin olive oil is a 100% natural fat of vegetable origin, so it is suitable for all types of diet, without exclusions.
Treurer is an EVOO exclusively made with olives from our own finca and in our own mill, this fact, added to our cultivation and conservation techniques, at constant temperature and with the absence of oxygen, leads us to produce an extra virgin olive oil of highest quality. Not only at an organoleptic level, but we also produce an extra virgin olive oil that preserves, from the first day on and until its consumption, all those substances such as polyphenols and vitamins that make it a healthy food that helps to preserve health.

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